Introduction of Kick Boxing

Kickboxing combines the punches of boxing with the kicks of karate, there are a few variations of the sport, some competitive kick boxers practice the sports against opponents in the ring, other fitness enthusiasts practice kick-boxing as an aerobics workout, kick-boxing techniques are also practical for self-defense, other the past several decades, kick-boxing has become an exciting sport to watch and to practice.

History of Kick Boxing

Karate has been practiced since the 19thcentury. But kick- boxing has a much shorter history. The term “kick-boxing” was created by a Japanese boxing promoter in 1950’s, the promoter used the term of refer to a combination of “muay-thai”, “boxing “ and “karate”, the term later gained more popularity in the united states in 1970’s American full contact karate practioners were frustrated by the scoring limitation of the tournaments and decided to take their bouts the boxing ring. A couple of the legends of sports from that time are…benny “the jet” urquidez and bill “super foot” wallace, kick-boxing became more popular when ESPN started broadcasting kick—boxing matches in 1979.


Competitive kick-boxing use a wide a range of techniques to disorient and defeat opponents punches include the jab, upper cut and hook, the hook punch is one of the most devastating strikes because it swings around and powerfully hits an opponent from the side, kicks also are powerful weapons in the sport, kicking techniques, include front, hook, side, round house and spinning back kicks are good for surprising opponents, a kick-boxer performs this techniques by quickly spinning and driving his heel backward in to his opponent.

Cardio Kick Boxing

Due To The Effectiveness Of Kick- Boxing Training Regiment Kick-Boxing Work Out Have Become Popular Among Every Day Fitness Enthusiasts, Many Gyms, Now Offer Cardio- Kick Boxing Classes, Participants Perform Many Kick Boxing Techniques, Like Jab And Round House Kicks, The Techniques Are Performed At A Fast Pace To Music, Cardio Kick-Boxing Classes Are A Toned  Down Version Of A Fighters Workout, But This Hey Still Provide A Great Calorie Burn, The Classes Also Teach Participants Some Basic Self-Defense Moves.